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Meet Our Teachers

Ahmed Zakaria

Arabic & Quran Teacher

I graduated from the faculty of languages and translations department of Islamic studies, I have 2 years of experience in teaching Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies for (beginning-middle- Advanced) different levels.

Mohamed Taher

Arabic & Quran Teacher

I Graduated From Al-Azhar University I am an Imam, Khatib and teacher for The Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf also I am online Arabic ,Islamic and Quran teacher to teach non-Arabic speakers.

Nada Deiaa

Arabic & Quran Teacher

Faculty of Education,  English Department, Teaching license for “Tohfat Al Ajaweed” in the Art of Tajweed, Experience: 3 years as an online Qura’an, Tajweed, Arabic, and Islamics for English speakers.

Sohila serag

Arabic & Quran Teacher

Qur’an and Arabic teacher
Ijaza in holy of Qur’an according by shoaba and hafs about asim, I have experience for teaching adults and children for more of five years.